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Transforming GPC from the inside Out

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Our Program & Process

Our timeline and approach are depicted below. The dates are approximate and tentative.  We will provide regular updates via the Pastor’s Report, newsletters, forums, and this web page.  

The plan consists of three interrelated areas of activity:  

1. Clarify our identity and purpose:  Team TLC is facilitating a process to engage the congregation in conversations and activities to listen deeply for what God is calling us to be and do for our community, city, and world given our history and hopes, faith and passions.

2. Review our core processes and structure: In conversation with staff, Council, Trustees, Ministry Teams, Committees and Congregants, we will review and make recommendations to clarify, simplify and update the core processes that support the ministries and are critical to fostering communication, connection, and vibrancy. 

3. Explore, Experiment, Educate, Engage: We will “make the road by walking” and experimenting, learning and playing along the way. The goal is to have fun, be creative, and embrace more open, empowering and collaborative ways of being a community.

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