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Transitioning with Love
for the Community

Team TLC has asked a lot of our congregation. We’ve held meetings, lectured, sang, acted, and even zoomed.
We are grateful for your feedback and hope there will be more responses as we “wrap up the package” that is Greendale People’s Church. 


- We believe God creates everything. God created us, lives in us, strengthens, and sustains us. 

- We believe God sent Jesus to teach and guide us in our daily lives and we honor each individual’s personal relationship with Jesus.

- We believe that God has many names and can be worshipped in different ways.
- We believe God’s presence is reflected everywhere and in everything; in the power, majesty, and beauty of nature, and in many faith symbols.
- We believe prayer is a conversation with God. Prayer inspires, transforms, and heals us through inspirational thoughts, comforting words, music, and expressions of faith.
- We believe fellowship is an expression of God’s love for us and our love for each other. We demonstrate this reflection of God’s love through the practices of being and working together, service to our community, and acts of compassion and forgiveness.

Spirituality, Healthy Relationships and Inclusivity

- We believe that God has many names and can be worshipped in
different ways.
- We value spirituality. We gather together to enrich our faith. Our faiths
are diverse.
- We respect each other’s unique spiritual journey and what that means
to each person. We support each other on that journey. We create
opportunities to examine our faiths, serve each other, practice spirituality,
and participate in a diverse faith community. In these ways, we learn
and grow as individuals and as a people. We are a dynamic faith
- We value healthy relationships in all aspects of community life. We foster opportunities to create and strengthen bonds with God, our church family, and the community.
- We value inclusivity. We are a welcoming church. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your life or spiritual journey, you are welcome here.


“How God is calling us to further
Christ’s ministry today.
It takes more than food; serving love to feed the hearts, minds, and spirits of the community”.


The vision and mission complete the “package” and illustrate how we do more than just “feed people physically” (food pantry, meals at the church, Mustard Seed, etc.) but serve spiritual nourishment (God’s love) to our community and beyond. It’s what we’ve been doing all along, but expressed in new ways.  

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