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Who is Team TLC?

Team TLC (Transition with Love for Community) is a team of passionate, dedicated members of Greendale People's Church who are facilitating a process to explore who God is calling us to be for our community, city and world.

The team includes: Ray LeBlanc, Sarah Blodgett, Fran Langille, Joyce Smith, Nancy Cimato, Joanne Wilder and Janet Whittal.  They represent diverse perspectives from people who are passionate about our ministry, history and future. The team is working closely with Rev Kev and invite you to be part of this exciting change!

Click here to email TeamTLC.

Pictured here (from the bottom row, left to right then the top row right to left): Nancy Cimato, Joanne Wilder, Janet Whittall, Fran Langille, Sarah Blodgett, Ray LeBlanc, and Joyce Smith.

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