Who Will Roll Away the Stone?

“Who will roll away the stone?!” they ask; half asleep, tired, filled with grief, fear and doubt, hurt, anger, and disappointment. “Who will roll away the stone?!” Last week’s triumphal entry is little more than a memory. Joyful cries of “Hosanna!” lost amid the betrayal and humiliation, denial and pain. Most disciples and would-be followers have scattered, gathered safely behind locked doors and in darkened rooms, or fallen away. They worry “Who will Roll Away the Stone?”

And isn’t this where we find ourselves? Somewhere between Thursday’s betrayal and Friday’s trials in hope of life renewed and resurrected? Fear, sorrow, anger, anxiety and worry can so fill our minds that we resign ourselves to the way things are and let hopes and dreams die.

The amazing part of this story at the end of the gospel of Mark is that rise – as Jesus rises - while it is still dark out, while the way is unclear, while there appear to be insurmountable obstacles that lie in their way – compelled by love, duty or a force that is greater than all understanding, they rise, worry about that stone that is in their way, and go anyway.