Transfromed Transforming Community

What does it mean to follow? As individuals what does it mean to have faith, be spiritual, or simply follow? What does it mean to be a faith community, congregation, or church today? And “Why might this matter?”

I believe it is more than a question of personal faith or spirituality, what others think of you or where you or I might end up in the afterlife.

Walk our neighborhoods, engage people in coffee shops, go to community meetings, pick up the Telegram and Gazette, listen deeply to the hurts and concerns of this community, city and our world, people are hungry for hope, searching for purpose, and looking for meaningful engagement. People hunger for spiritual and relational depth; places to safely explore the big questions: “What do I believe? How should I act? And who am I?” and communities that welcome them where they are on their journey, honor difference and diversity, model authentic love and relationship. And yet in North America and Europe every day around 6,000 people leave church for good.