Discerning Call: To be the Beloved Community

I am honored to be with you this morning, as we begin our journey together I ask for your participation. Will you please look to a neighbor and say the following with conviction… “I am somebody…” and look to someone you may not yet know and say “YOU are somebody… “ and now look around the room and catch as many eyes as you can… and say “WE are SOME body… gathered, called and sent together to be love and bring healing to our communities, city and God’s world.”

In this time of transition I can think of no better place to begin than by exploring one of life’s big questions and this urgent question that many faith communities are struggling to answer… Who are we? What is my purpose as an individual and our purpose in and as community? How am I and are we called to be and what am I and are we called to do in response to the preponderance of fear, poverty, prejudice, and violence?

Now here is the thing, I believe the greatest challenge we face, as individuals, as a congregation, as people and humanity is to overcome unfounded, unnatural, irrelevant and irrational fear.

It is fear that fragments our hearts, minds and lives.

It is fear that obscures the beauty and goodness of God’s diverse creation.