Have you ever noticed there is a critic in every crowd? I don’t mean that in a negative way, but more as an observation of humanity. It’s just how people are and I get that, because sometimes I’m the critic in the room. It often seems for every new idea a person or group has to grow or change there is always someone, somewhere who will find what is wrong with that idea or possible solution. I don’t know why, but that is the way we are made and frankly, it can be quite annoying. And so, it was for Moses, in the Hebrew Scripture account we read today. Moses - an imperfect person if there ever was one, was doing his level best to lead God’s people out of danger and slavery in Egypt. His intention and motivation were good and clearly faith driven. That was Moses’ “why” as we talked about in our Church Council Meeting this last week. That night the question came up, “why” do we do what we do here at Greendale People’s Church? Not how or what do we do, but why? I want to take 5 minutes to show you a TED video (which is a small part of an 18-minute video.) The speaker, Simon Sinek, makes a point about “why” in a clear way.

“Why” is the question we (and all churches for that matter) ought to be asking ourselves as we go about the business of church. Are we here to prop up the building? We do that and we do it in good faith and we ask that the whole congregation share in that activity and cost. In fact, this month all loose donations in the offering plate are going to go directly to fixing the elevator, which is an important part of our ministry here at Greendale People’s Church. Why? We want everybody to have access to all parts of the building and for many people that old elevator is very important. A question we might ask ourselves is, are we about keeping alive traditions or in traditionalism? Here’s a definition of the two to ponder: “Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living. And, I suppose I should add, it is traditionalism that gives tradition such a bad name.” This is usually the point where some of my friends may say “we do serve the community here at Greendale and we always have!” And I agree with them, so friends, hear me out.

We take a great deal of pride in the Holiday Fair which is coming up in just a month, managed so capably by Dot Christo who never takes the credit for herself. Why? Why the Holiday Fair? The bottom line is that not only does it bring in income which helps us run the building, it also serves as a place for the community, especially a low-income community, to come for a delicious meal at a reasonable price and some low-cost goods that have been carefully attended to. It is also a time when many active church participants work tog