Cup of Water

This morning we are going to open once again with a breath prayer which is a simple prayer to center ourselves before we hear words of hope.

Let us begin:

Breathing in: In this pause Breathing out: I hear God’s whisper

Many years ago, I happened to attend a conservative evangelical church in Fairfield CT where we lived and still own a little house. The Pastor at the church, Steve, was well known for his inspirational preaching which is what prompted me to go. One Sunday, he preached the lectionary passage we read today about Abraham on the verge of taking the life of his son Isaac. I was a single Mom with a sweet little baby at that time, whom I adored with all my heart. I listened to the rather grim passage and the

minister’s sermon on it intently. At the end of worship, I walked up to him and looked him straight in the eyeballs saying, “Pastor Steve, how could anyone in their right mind, tie their unsuspecting kid up, put him on top of a pile of timber to set ablaze and wield a knife over him? Like really, who could do that?” The very reverent Pastor Steve, also a parent of little kids, looked back deeply into my eyes and said, “I have no idea. I know I could never do that, God or not.” I really liked Pastor Steve for that answer because it was brutally honest and authentic. Even though I am not in agreement with a great deal of conservative or fundamentalist doctrine, at that moment Pastor Steve and I were simply two parents facing the Biblical reality of something we knew we would never be able to do.