For Da Birds

Let’s begin the message with a BREATH prayer to help us prepare for God’s word to reach us:

Breathing in: O Lord, you have searched me Breathing out: and you know me

(Repeat 3X)

The other day I went to hike at the Broad Meadow Brook Audubon Sanctuary right here in Worcester. It’s a wonderful place, makes you feel miles away even though you’re right here in the city. Highly recommended to you if you have not been before. While there, I saw the biggest, fattest green frog ever while walking on the Frog Pond Path and I saw a beautiful large brown bunny that did not seem afraid of me in the least. In fact, he looked like he might take me on. No less than all the animals at the Audubon is the hundreds, maybe thousands of birds that live there and, why wouldn’t they? It is a beautiful, safe and protected area carved out to care for them, so that they are not disturbed. Dogs are not allowed, which my Bella is not happy about, but in that way the birds and other creatures experience safety and serenity and so they proliferate. There are some interesting and rare species of birds in the sanctuary but there are also a gazillion sparrows living in relative harmony.