A Loving Relationship

God creator, God redeemer, and God sustainer. This is the way I embrace the Trinity, knowing that other Trinitarian believers may see it differently. Today is Trinity Sunday, the 1st Sunday after Pentecost in the western liturgical Calendar. On this day, we recognize the trinity, or three persons, in One God. Some say Father, Son & Holy Ghost, but I think God is more vast than that and I am uncomfortable with “ghosts.” There are so many ways to envision the Creator and the act of creation. We can create an omelet, a painting, music or sculpture. We women have the plumbing to create humans right inside our own bodies and fathers or adoptive parents create a safe and loving environment in which a child may develop and grow into adulthood. This Spring we have discovered a pair of Chickadees who created a home in the little birdhouse John put up on our deck. There are big old Blue Jays lurking about posing a threat to the minute Chickadees. Yet, they persist in raising their family in that little house with a tiny entrance just big enough for a small bird. Sometimes we wonder how things can be created in the places they have been, because the surroundings may seem too harsh or unforgiving. Yet, we see children and animals, even flowers and plants sprout up from some of the most difficult of circumstances and we may never understand how it is possible. God is Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer. And that’s how!

Today’s lectionary passage, Genesis 1- 2:4a, is the first creation text in the Bible, but not necessarily the first one written, according to scholars. Reading it, we are treated to a beautifully poetic description of the creation of the world. There is so much debate about this beginning of life narrative, both from the vantage point of historicity as well as who the author is. Some Christians take the Genesis story of Creation as a fa