Church Model

I thought the GPC Annual Meeting went well last Sunday. I know our outgoing Moderator Nancy White was happy about that and I would bet our new Moderator Anne Kruse was even more delighted! Annual Meetings are one way a Church Body comes together to make decisions and to keep one another informed about what is going on. It seems we have more modes of communication now than ever before and yet, good old-fashioned meeting face to face can’t be beat as a way to foster community.

Today’s reading from the Book of Acts is about what the people who started the early church did after Christ had left them. It says, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” This was a community that loved to eat and pray together. Just like us! We have many cooks and bakers here at GPC and we have so many good excuses or occasions for eating together, praise be to God. I think most always we pray first, but if not, let’s do that. After all, everything we put into our mouths comes from Creation and it’s good to thank the Creator. Do we eat together and get things done around here with “glad and generous hearts,” as is described in verse 46? I think we do our best and perhaps there is room

for improvement.