Did That Happen?!

The other day we had a Bible Study at Briarwood as we do every month. That Bible Study is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job because of the astute people who attend, including our staff people Loyall, Justus and sometimes lay leaders Fran and John, plus the folks who live at The Briarwood Residence. Among the notables who regularly attend is Gene Schofield who will be 99 in May and has much wisdom and insight. Please feel free to join us any time, the fourth Tuesday of every month, it’s fun, challenging to the mind and all are welcome.

This week at Briarwood, as we have done here today, we read aloud the Road to Emmaus account from the Gospel of Luke. It is a fascinating retelling of an experience that begins with two men who were just walking along on a road, talking things over, like anyone might do with a friend. However, they are in special circumstances because they were on a road headed to a town named Emmaus - just the two of them.

The location of the biblical town of Emmaus has been a source of controversy. There are nine candidates for the site of this encounter between Jesus and his two Emmaus disciples. However, only four sites can be considered serious candidates. The word Emmaus means “warm well,” and since the name suggests there must be a well or natural spring near the site, some (towns) can be eliminated. The other clue to the location of Emmaus is found in the biblical text that records the distance of Emmaus from Jerusalem. Most translations of Scripture record the distance as a little more than seven miles. (Biblical Archaeology Revi