Welcome to the first Sunday in Lent, the period observed before Easter Sunday which this year comes on April 16th. Hopefully since Easter is in mid-April it’ll be little warmer down at Indian Lake for the Sunrise Service this year. Let’s hope so! The two scripture texts read today have much in common (Matthew 4:1-11, Psalm 32). Both texts describe an individual’s struggle in relation to God and I’d like to explore that.

I read somewhere that the famous “Biggest Loser” TV show fitness guru Bob Harper, who was in tip top shape, had a massive heart attack. How does that happen? It seems terribly unfair, doesn’t it? An expert in health and nutrition spends so much time and energy getting it right and yet, there he was in the throes of a heart failure. How like that is Jesus in the Gospel today? Jesus had faith beyond which you and I have yet to experience, I think we can all agree. You might say after years of prayer and Bible studies Jesus was spiritually fit, an expert. Yet, his endurance was challenged while in the middle of a desert wilderness and he was subject to all the temptations a person could possibly encounter. Scripture tells us he was “led by the spirit” to be there yet when the devil showed up Jesus must have thought to himself, can’t a guy catch a break even out here in the wilderness where nobody else is around?