The Call

Years ago, entering into what is called the Discernment Process to become Ordained, there was a lot of talk about “a Call.” The term Call had a capital “C” meaning it was an entity and something I was required to think about with closest scrutiny. “What is your Call?” was asked repeatedly by my supervisors. Many new to Ordination say something like “God has called me” which is not what the authorities who oversee the process want to hear. Or maybe they hear it too often like, “I’ve heard a call…” as a candidate’s voice drifts off, like in a mystical time warp. What they really want to know is - what can you do? What do you bring to the table? Who are you and how do you want to serve God?

At the time I began, I was working as a Public School Special Education Teacher and Part-Time Christian Education Director in a small church, so I figured Ordination to Christian Education was probably the next logical step. At first I thought something magical would happen like God would come to me in my dreams or meditations and say, “Carla! This is what I want you to do” as if “A Call” was a secret assignment from God. I soon found out, with assistance, that it just doesn’t work that way. You see, a call isn’t something you are told to do by God or that you necessarily choose to do because you think it will be fun, profitable or interesting. A Call is better described as what it is you can offer to assist people to be closer to God or to experience the presence of God among us.

The scripture tells us