God’s Love & Jesus' Baptism

One of my favorite things remembered from 20 plus years ago as a young mother with a baby girl, was putting her in the kitchen sink for a bath. It was so much fun to put that squiggly, giggly little creature under the warm water faucet and watch her delight in the simplest of events. There is something about water and the ritual of bathing isn’t there? It is cleansing, comforting and refreshing all at the same time. We humans are approximately 70% water so it is the earthly element that is the closest to our very being and of course, we love it! Baptism has been around for a very longtime,

“But in first-century Judaism, baptism had a different meaning. In the book of Leviticus, God instructs Jews to cleanse themselves from ritual impurities, contracted through such acts as touching a corpse or a (person with leprosy.) Washing primarily fulfilled the legal requirements of ritual purity so that Jews could sacrifice at the Temple. Later, as "God-fearers" or "righteous" Gentiles expressed their desire to convert to Judaism, (Jewish) priests broadened the rite's meaning, and along with circumcision, performed baptism as a sign of the covenant given to Abraham.”

And so it was that Jesus, a devout Jew, came to ask John the Baptizer if he would perform Baptism on him, apparently feeling that it was the right and proper thing to do, even though John said it should be Jesus Baptizing him, not the other way around. No, no, no, Jesus disagreed saying, “Let it be so now; for it is proper f