The Great Story

Broadly speaking, there are two main points that the today’s Scriptures are making. The first, comes from our Psalm which continuously repeats praises to God. Praising Him for His work as a creator and for His splendor. The other passages seek to put Jesus’ ministry in context. Over the course of 10 verses, Matthew identifies 3 different places where Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy. Throughout the rest of the Gospel, Matthew continues to constantly identify how Jesus fulfilled what the prophets said. He does this to argue that Jesus is the Messiah, as well as ground Jesus’ ministry in the Biblical story.

It is this notion of the Biblical story that I find particularly interesting. Sometimes, I think we get so focused on the specifics that we lose sight of the whole. I grew up in a very conservative, occasionally fundamentalist church and most of my experience of religion was based on morality. So rather than learning what God was doing, I learned what I should and shouldn't do. With that in mind, let's look at the story of the Messiah. Let’s examine what is the broad story of the Bible. Then, from that, we can learn who Jesus is, and helps us to praise God as well.

The story begins with creating this spectacular world and creating humans in the “image of God.” It’s a really beautiful, and mysterious comment, but it seems to imply that God has a special relationship with these creatures. In this garden, they are free to explore and continue God’s creative work as they take care of the garden. The only problem is that there is this mysterious tree, called the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The story gets even more mysterious when a talking snake convinces the woman, eve to take and eat some of its fruit. The snake is this really strange character and isn’t ever really explained. We aren’t told his name, how he got there, or even why Adam and Eve are comfortable talking to a conscious snake