Praise God

Both of our scriptures for today are perfect for the recognition and celebration of a brand New Year. How great is it that? It’s a New Year…whoo-hoo! New Year is a human construct after all, but it’s also a marvelous feeling of starting fresh all over again. I don’t know about you, but I really like that opportunity, to start over. Though a little different than our celebrations on New Year’s Eve, today

we celebrate God by paying attention to the Focus Scripture of the day, Psalm 148, which is basically all about how to Praise God.

Now, I know there is a little bit of tension about the act of “Praise Worship” here at Greendale People’s Church. Most of us are not big “praisers” when it comes to worship and that includes yours truly. Ever wonder why that is? We praise each other. We praise our church. We even praise Worcester. But when it comes to the practice of outwardly praising God, well…we’re Swedish, or we’re New Englanders, or we’re Puritans and we’re reserved. We don’t “do praise,” though maybe we can rethink that tradition, just for today and then tomorrow we can go back to the way we’ve always done it. Every church, just like every person, has its own way, its own culture and ways of doing things based on its history.