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Hunger Action

We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy food, and we are committed to doing our part to help alleviate hunger and provide sustenance to those who need it most through our Hunger Action programs. If you are interested in volunteering opportunities through our Hunger Action programs please contact

Food Pantry

Every Wednesday morning from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, our "Food Pantry Angels" come and pass out bags of food to those who are in need.


Please donate non-perishable foods during the Food Pantry hours or leave your donation in front of the altar in either the Chapel or Sanctuary on Sunday morning.

You can also make a monetary contribution by check/cash or giving online.

For more information on the Food Pantry or on volunteering, please contact our office.

Mustard Seed

Greendale People's Church has formed a meaningful partnership with Worcester Interfaith and Worcester Fellowship to offer a warm meal to individuals facing homelessness. Once a month our dedicated volunteers prepare and deliver a warm and wholesome meal to the Mustard Seed organization in Worcester.

Sandwiches for All Saints Church

On the fourth Thursday of the month, we provide 40 sandwiches and other goodies to the needy out of All Saints Episcopal Church on Irving Street.

How can we help?

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