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GPC Ministries

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Greendale People's Church offers many opportunities to follow Jesus' way by building healthy relationships, growing your faith, and serving our community. All are welcome!

Spiritual Growth

Music Ministry

Youth Ministry

Care Ministry

Food Pantry

Prayer Shawl


Camp Selah

The Bible & LGBTQ People
2019 Workshop

Reverend Dr. Kevin Downer leads a conversation and exploration into the Bible. Discover why the Bible is more affirming than we may think, learn why the Bible does not say what we often fear it might say, especially when it comes to, diverse people and families, and explore scriptures that affirm LGBTQ people. God's story is the story of love and hope for all people. 


Annual Turkey Dinner

On October 19th, Greendale People's Church held our Annual Turkey Dinner, and it was a success. We raised approximately $1'200 and we couldn't be more grateful to God for leading the way and to our supporters who showered us with love. Also, a big thank you to our wonderful volunteers for their help and commitment.



For us, children and families are a beautiful part of our congregation and we hope to serve them in ways that are both engaging and fun. In Sunday School, children are taught the same Scriptures as the Adults so families can learn and grow together.

For more information on the ministry or on volunteering, please email Rev. Doug Cederberg

Camp Selah

Camp Selah is in North Orange, Massachusetts, and it rests in 20 acres of beautiful evergreen and oak forest bordering Tully Pond and protected by Mount Tully. We use Camp Selah for a variety of events including VBS, day camps, and retreats. Rentals are also available for personal/group camping.

Youth Ministry

We think that Junior High and High School are some of the most important years in a person's life as they grow closer adulthood.Our Youth Ministry is committed to be a fun and authentic community where students can build relationships and pursue a relationship with God. In addition to Sunday School, the youth also meet weekly on Monday from 6-8PM. All are welcome.

For more information on the ministry or on volunteering, please email Justus Wagner.

Music Ministry

Music is one of the Christian tradition's most cherished forms of worship. Our music director, Annie Arsenault, leads our Choir who perform weekly for our Second Worship. In addition to the choir, we also feature a variety of musical elements including organ, bells, and the flute.

For more information on the ministry or on volunteering, please email Annie Arsenault

Food Pantry

Every Wednesday morning from 10:00-12:00, our "Food Pantry Angels" (our volunteers prefer that name over being named individually) come and pass out bags of food to those who are in need. If you would like to donate food, please leave any canned/jarred foods in front of the altar in either the Chapel or Sanctuary on Sunday Morning.

For more information on the food pantry or on volunteering, please email our office.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Usually meeting on the third Saturday of every month, the Prayer Shawl Ministry is a time to crochet or knit shawls to comfort and bless others. If you know an individual who would benefit from receiving a shawl, please let us know. Please bring your knitting and crocheting with you. If you don't know how, that's okay! This is a great place to learn. All are welcome.

For more information on the ministry or on attending, please email our office.

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