Transforming GPC from the inside Out

Greendale People’s Church is boldly celebrating our past, exploring our present and embracing our future through an exciting and comprehensive process to be the kind of community, congregation and church God is calling us to be. 

Together we are:

  • Re-Imagining what community, church, ministry and GPC can be;

  • Celebrating the diverse experiences, gifts and passions of all who God is gathering;

  • Clarifying our core values, beliefs, vision and mission;

  • Deepening our spiritual programming; and

  • Focusing on how we be the heart and hands of God actively working to heal our hurting, hungry and hopeful world.


Click here to read more about our timeline and process​.

Latest Updates

Proposed restructuring & By-Laws

Council and the Board of Trustees have affirmed the work of the Restructuring and By-Laws Working Group!  


Congregants are asked to:

  • Review the Restructuring Presentation and Proposed By-Laws,

  • Attend a Forum on April 8, 14 or 24 in person or by dialing in;

  • Share your comments and questions with a Council member, Trustee or the Pastor; and

  • Attend the April 24 Congregational Meeting.


We believe the time has come to create a single governing board that will bring together the financial, facility, fiduciary and governance functions current split between council and the trustees.

Our objectives are to:

  • Simplify and streamline our structure;

  • Clarify accountability and responsibilities; 

  • Consolidate the governance, oversight and fiduciary responsibilities of the congregation into a single governing board; 

  • Ensure appropriate checks and balance are in place;

  • Balance the need for oversight with the need to remain open and flexible as our community evolves and needs emerge;

  • Focus on the mission and ministry to which God in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit is calling us.

Team-based ministries will replace committees and new by-laws are being developed to clarify the roles, structure, checks, balances and decision processes of the proposed reorganization.

Find out more on the Unified Ministry page and the Proposed By-Laws page.

Share you feedback and ask your question with members of Council, a Trustee or the Pastor.

Core Values Unanimously Affirmed by the Congregation January 27:

Through a process of conversation, story telling, prayer and discernment the congregation affirmed three core values - Spirituality, Healthy Relationships and Inclusivity, which are described on the about us page. 

New Logo

Our new logo  is based on our core values, i.e., Spirituality, Healthy Relationships and Inclusivity.  The stylized "G" for Greendale is based on the curve and relationship structure found throughout creation, from seashells to star systems. The symbol acknowledges our diverse spiritual and life journeys, celebrates God as Creator of all, and honors all three Core Values.

The colors are a nod to our stained glass windows as well as a sign of inclusivity, while the text communicates who we are by emphasizing "PEOPLE." The Logo is also available in other colors to support its use on various backgrounds.

Draft Final Bedrock Beliefs 

Team TLC recently facilitated a series of conversations to explore our Bedrock Beliefs.  Based on your input, review and reflection the team prayerfully developed the following six statements to encapsulate GPC's Bedrock Beliefs.  On April 28 we seek affirmation from the congregation. In the meantime, please share your thoughts with Team TLC

  • We believe God creates everything.  God created us, lives in us, strengthens and sustains us.

  • We believe God sent Jesus to teach and guide us in our daily lives and we honor each individual’s personal relationship with Jesus.

  • We believe that God has many names and can be worshipped in different ways.

  • We believe God’s presence is reflected everywhere and in everything; in the power, majesty and beauty of nature, and in many faith symbols.

  • We believe prayer is a conversation with God.  Prayer inspires, transforms, and heals us through inspirational thoughts, comforting words, music and expressions of faith.

  • We believe fellowship is an expression of God’s love for us, and our love for each other.  We demonstrate this reflection of God’s love through the practices of being and working together, service to our community, and acts of compassion and forgiveness.

Who is Team TLC?

Team TLC (Transition with Love for Community) is a team of passionate, dedicated members of Greendale People's Church who are facilitating a process to explore who God is calling us to be for our community, city and world.















The team includes: Ray LeBlanc, Sarah Blodgett, Fran Langille, Joyce Smith, Nancy Cimato, Joanne Wilder and Janet Whittal.  They represent diverse perspectives from people who are passionate about our ministry, history and future. The team is working closely with Rev Kev and invite you to be part of this exciting change!

Click here to email TeamTLC


What about the Pastoral Search?


A separate team will be formed to conduct our Pastoral Search later in the year. We believe it is important that we answer the big questions about our future, connection to our city, passions and direction before we begin exploring the needs of our next settled pastor.


We will announce on this web page and elsewhere details about our Pastoral Search Process and how to contact the Pastoral Search Team once the team is formed.  We ask that potential candidates refrain from contacting congregants regarding the search and honor the process we will establish for our Pastoral Search. 


In the meantime, questions about the process can be directed to our intentional interim pastor, Rev. Dr. Kevin Downer (Rev Kev)

Why don't we just start our Pastoral Search?

The transition such as the one that we are in creates a great opportunity for us to honor and claim what  is most  valuable  and important  to  being who we are and to listen  deeply with one another for who God is calling us to be today and tomorrow.


As we engage in the conversation we will have a greater sense for what we need in our next pastor to help us go where God is calling us to go. 


This is an exciting and creative time that invites us to create our future together. The chance of  a miss-match are greater in  congregations who call pastor’s without taking the time  to understand who they are and  who  God is calling them to be.

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