124th Annual Congregational Meeting

April 28, 2019 11am

The 124th Annual Congregational Meeting unanimously approved the revised by-laws and restructuring proposal, affirmed the Belief statement, and accepted the 2018 Annual Report and minutes from April 2018 and January 2019 meetings. 


I.     Welcome and Opening Prayer
II.    Declaration of Quorum
III.   Approval of Minutes from

       a. April 29, 2018 Annual Congregational Meeting 

       b. January 27, 2019 Congregational Meeting to Approve 2019 Budget
IV.  Affirm Bedrock Beliefs Statement
V.   Present and Approve Restructuring Proposal and By-Law Revisions
VI.  Elections
VII. Present and Approve 2018 Annual Report to the Congregation
VIII.Financial Update 1Q19 (see 2018 Annual Report)
IX.  Closing Prayer and Adjournment

Click underlined items to access individual handouts and pre-read materials

or download the two documents containing all materials

Annual Meeting materials Items I - VI

Annual Meeting Materials Items VII & VIII (2018 Annual Report)

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